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Ira Revels, Owner/Principal

Ira Revels Consulting, LLC

Ira Revels is the Owner and Principal of Ira Revels Consulting, LLC. She has nearly 20 years operating in fast-paced, high-performance organizations and teams. Her educational background includes Management and Strategic Consulting, Educational Technology, Fundraising and Development, and Training. 

Her interest in helping organizations more effectively acquire underrepresented talent, assess and prepare for cultural, age, identity, and ability diversity is based on her personal experience and the experiences of clients, friends, and colleagues. She is an avid student of research, trends, and the current political and social landscape that demands our cultural humility in order to achieve our organizational missions.

Kamora Herrington, Educational Leadership Associate/Trainer

Ira Revels Consulting, LLC

Kamora Herrington is a Cultural Humility Trainer, LGBTQ+ youth activist, and social justice organizer. For 20 years, Ms. Herrington has worked with public and private health providers, colleges and universities on behalf of youth, youth in care, parents, caregivers, and care providers. 

Ms. Herrington is a sought after public speaker whose recent TedTalk, "Standing Firmly at the Intersection of Me & Me" was featured at TedUconn. She has keynoted for regional and local organizations including Pride@Work and Connecticut Public Allies.